Friday, November 5, 2010

moshi moshi..~

haha.. im kinda bored right now after i've done will all my assessment and presentation, now waiting 4 my last paper on monday, ATH aka History paper, oh i dont like history! damn.. now i want to tell u about what phone dat im used, the 1st one till now..

Nokia 2100

lol.. my 1st phone ever! im used this phone when i was in form 4.. the price that time i think around 300+, forgot alredy.. i like this phone bcoz we can put our pictures at the back! cool aite?? (dat time la kan) haha...

Nokia 3100
My 2nd phone! small and cute like me! muahaha.. used is when i form 5.. i like this phone bcoz its glow in the dark! cool huh?? haha.. the price, erm i think RM400+.. lupe..

Nokia 3220

3rd phone! the phone can lip lap lip lap (lampu2 like clubbing, like dat la) haha!

Sony Ericsson Z530i

My 4th phone! 1st clamshell handphone.. act i like clamshell becoz we can open, then close it.. then open back, then close.. sound crazy kan? haha!

Nokia 5300 Xpress Music

5th phone! my 1st slide phone!

Nokia 5320 Express Music

6th phone! Still using till now.. dh truk gile rupenye..

Nokia 9300 Communicator

7th phone! x gune sgt sebab besar!!

Samsung Corby Pro

My 8th phone and my latest one! i like this phone so much because its touch screen phone! also it got QWERTY button that i can texting.. cool.... for now im using this one n the other one, Nokia 5320 Xpress Music..


adzMie said...

hahaha..tuh je?

Judiene said...

But not so many people like to use samsung as the menu is not so interactive, isn't it?