Friday, July 24, 2009

new chapter of my life..

Slm.. baru je nk start.. haha.. im not really into writing blog or 'blogger' but i try to do it..

so pada 5 hb ari tu dh dftr masuk uitm shah alam.. n esok nye we got a welcoming greeting from graphic lecturers n introduction about the course n sesi pengenalan with the lecturers.. when we gather all around, student uitm perak mendominasi kali nih, haha.. ramai masuk degree.. cam best.. hehe..

after dat we got a bad news, which is we cannot choose our suka2 timebtable bcoz dorunk xnak dlm satu klas all perakian, melakaian n srawakian, so we hav to mix with all the branches students, so in our minds like.. hah? haha..

so then i got group no 7.. the last group.. haha.. and again i got same class with izzat, haha.. n dis time my besfren epul got a same class as ours.. (cheating) haha.. so perakian in my group are izzat, epul, mawaddah, farah, yana n along.. n then dpt kwn baru from sarawak branch, mirul n wanie..

our lecturers jugak sgt besh.. haha... mase ari jumaat tuh, ade lak pemilihan classrep.. so at last i got dat tittle..! CLASSREP! gosh! me? classrep? haha.. at 1st i think im not suiteable for dat tittle coz im soooo hyper in the class.. like kanak2 riang berlari2 di dalam studio.. haha.. after dat i think dat its gud to be sit dat chair coz i got a chance to comunicate with lec, n to make they know me better..

n now sudah 3 minggu berlalu.. assigment makin belambak.. huhu.. but its fun act.. my clazmate.. my new frens.. new lecturers.. new hse.. new environment.. =P

paling ak rindu skali ialah kat my besfren, ASNIDAH BTE SALLEH.. sedey die x smbg.. coz die xdpt.. huhu.. i hope kite jumpe next sem..! huhu..

p/s : maap la cam rojak sket... layan...!

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